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Sony Insider goes silent, was getting too much Attention


A verified Sony insider who debunked the fake UI images released this weekend has had to delete his Reddit account after getting too much attention. The user was open about the problems Sony face, as well as the reason certain features had to be delayed, and the off-the-record style of talking about issues was a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the PR speak of the actual community managers.

IWorkForSony has been behind a variety of news stories in the last few weeks both good and bad. They were quick to reveal that the “leaked” UI (above) wasn’t something that had been worked on internally, and has spoken more than once about the rush Sony were in to release the PS4 for Christmas last year, resulting in the console shipping without certain expected features. 

In a post on /r/PS4, user IceBreak shared the bad news:

They felt they were getting too much attention and could not satisfy the calls for proof from the community. Since I can’t reply to a [deleted] account, I’d like to thank them here for what they contributed.

The comments on the post are mostly from well-wishers hoping that the individual behind the account is ok, and that Sony find some similar way of interacting with their fans. This was never going to last for long, but it’s obvious that people appreciated it while it did, and that the more negative revelations did little to shake their love of the PlayStation brand.



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