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Last week on More Thoughts From Me, I told you about Nintendo Power. Some of you may have had no clue what I was talking about, while others were probably smiling and taking a trip down memory lane. For both of those groups, there is now something very cool on the internet. A site called has 13 years of Nintendo Power magazine online right now!


When I wrote about Nintendo Power last week, I had no idea about’s Nintendo Power site. If I had known, I would’ve read many issues of the magazine before writing my column and it would have been a different type of column. Still, I’m very happy to find out about this website now!

If you go to, you’ll find 13 years of Nintendo Power to read. As I mentioned in my column, early on Nintendo Power was more about video strategy than anything else. The magazine changed a lot over the years. I can’t wait to read and re-read some of the issues. This will be a lot easier than digging through my collection of magazines! I have no organization skills at all!

So what do you think of this archive? Are you planning to read some old Nintendo Power issues?

UPDATE (8/9): The Nintendo Power archive has been taken off-line. Well, it was great while it lasted. I’ll just have to start digging around for my old issues!

Source: Nintendo Everything


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