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Microsoft at GamesCom


Microsoft announced a number of new peripherals and features that will be coming to Xbox One within the next year. These announcements were made during their press conference at GamesCom.

One new peripheral is the return of the chat adapter. I owned one of these peripherals when I had my Xbox 360, although I rarely used it. I’m wondering how many people will opt to use this on their Xbox One. The new chat adapter can be used for chatting, messaging, and doing searches. For the many people without a connect, it will save lots of time. The chat pad also includes a few programmable buttons that players can set to do almost anything they want. Accessing features on your Xbox One is now easier than ever.
The other big announcement from GamesCom is the ability to record broadcasts – with the compatible TV tuner – even while playing games. This feature is not set to roll out till 2016, and I have a feeling what can be recorded and what cannot be recorded will be a hot topic leading up to the release.
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