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Indie World Showcase – 8.19.2019 (Video)

Nintendo had their Indie World Showcase video today. You can check it out below and please come back for some thoughts from me about the showcase.

The Indie World Showcase for 8.19.2019 was just ok.

I suppose my expectations were too high. I think my expectations are always too high about all of these Directs, Indie or otherwise. So I was expecting some pretty big surprises and we didn’t get that.

Ori and the Blind Forest wasn’t a big surprise because just about everybody was expecting this game to be revealed sooner or later for the Switch. There was even a recent rumor that said the game would be revealed in this Indie World Showcase. So while its great that it was true, I would’ve been nice to have a surprise…

The rest of the games shown in the Showcase varied from “that looks good” to “that looks terrible”. I was impressed by The Touryst and Cat Quest 2 the most. I also think that Spirtfarer continues to look awesome.

What did you think of the Indie World Showcase today? What was your favorite game shown?


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