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Bluepoint Games porting a PlayStation ‘Classic’.

Bluepoint Games are currently busy working on a port of a PlayStation ‘Classic’ for Sony’s current hardware.


The developer added a job listing on their website in the hopes to find a Senior Graphics Engineer. The job itself looks to be of a very high standard and targetting a very small niche of professionals in the industry, requiring the applicant to have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of game making and even “at least one well-reviewed title on PS3 and/or Xbox 360 as a graphics engineer“.

The last paragraph on the page is what interests the rest of us however as it clearly states that the company is currently developing a port of a Sony classic and that they are working with another leading developer on a next-gen title.

We are currently bringing a Sony classic to current game systems as well as teaming our technical expertise with an industry leading developer on a next-gen, blockbuster franchise.

HD remakes have become quite popular in the past couple years. Not all have been well received however. Splinter Cell HD, Tomb Raider HD Trilogy and even Hitman HD Trilogy got mediocre feedback from fans. Bluepoint however, has an impressive back catalogue of extremely high quality HD remakes such as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, God Of War HD Trilogy and the Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus HD Collection.

The fact that this group of talented people are working on bringing a Sony classic to PS3 and Vita is something to be excited about. Could it be Crash Bandicoot? Personally, I’m still hoping for a GTA Trilogy at some point. GTA is a Sony classic, right?


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