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More Thoughts From Me #276: Don’t Dread 2D Metroid

One of the biggest surprises of E3, in my opinion, was Metroid Dread. I know it was rumored and speculated that Nintendo might do a 2D Metroid game before Prime but honestly I did not think that would happen. And if they did, I thought it would just be a remake like Samus Returns was. Instead, we are getting a full blown Metroid 5. Let’s talk about it!


I still can’t believe Metroid 5, aka Metroid Dread, is on the way.

Its been awhile since we had an orignal 2D Metroid game.

Yes, we had Samus Returns, a remake of Metroid 2 for the orignal Gameboy. But a full scale orignal Metroid? I think Metroid Fusion on the Gameboy Advance was the last one.

Other M on the Wii was a 2.5 game but let’s not talk about that one…

And Metroid Dread looks AMAZING.

The graphics look fantastic and the gameplay looks intense and fun. You just know that Metroid Dread is going to be a stellar title.

Okay, so lets talk about the elephant in the room: price. There have been people online who don’t think it should be a full priced game. Because its a 2D and not a 3D game. And its likely a shorter game. Plus we’ve seen 2D Metroidish indie games for $20 or less that looked almost as good as Metroid Dread…


So why should you pay full price for a new Metroid game?

First of all: this is a 2D *Nintendo* game. Don’t get me wrong: I love indies but Nintendo is one of the best big name developers/publishers around. When they make any game, especially a 2D one, you should pay attention.

And yes we’ve seen 2D Metroidish indie games for 20 or less but those games did not have Samus or the Metroid lore to them. They were not adding to a long running mythology.

As for title length, people have paid full price for 3D games that has lasted 10 hours or less. Why should it be different with a Nintendo 2D game? Especially since Nintendo always adds in lots of replay value in their games.

Also Metroid games are not easy games.

Admit it: you’ll be very lucky if you even see the end of Metroid Dread!

Taking all of this into account, if you still don’t think Metroid Dread is worth full price than really…you should stop buying Nintendo games. Basically:

Metroid Dread is going to be a excellent addition to the Metroid mythology. Fans of the series will love it. Even some newcomers will love it. Its likely with the Nintendo Switch install base that this Metroid will do better than previous games in the series.

If it doesn’t? Then I guess Nintendo should rethink doing 2D Metroid games. But I think and hope that the game will do really well on the Nintendo Switch.

Are you looking forward to Metroid Dread?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I can’t wait to play Metroid Dread!


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