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June 2016 Bam Box Review

For the longest time, all I’ve been hearing from people on social media is, “If you like subscription boxes, you need to get the Bam Box.” Noted. So I grabbed June’s Bam Box and did my typical unboxing and review session. After opening the box and looking over the contents, I can say…”Wow.” What a box. I’ll post my unboxing video directly below, but hop past that for a breakdown of each item, with pictures!

You can order your own Bam Box here!

Plastic 80s Sunglasses

Every subscription box comes with its fair share of filler items, and the Bam Box is no different. However, I really do like the look of these 80s sunglasses. While I don’t image they are the comfiest things in the world – news flash, tried them, they are not! – I still think they look cool, and my kids love playing with them. Most filler items I get seem to serve some purpose at some point, even if it is not instantly apparent. Same goes for these glasses. The kids love them, so thanks Bam Box!


I was also equally impressed with the pin for this months Bam Box. If you watched the video above, you will see how nicely this box is packaged too, which I hope other companies will take notice of. Lets get back to the pin: this Goonies pin is spot on. In fact, I think it’s already on one of my everyday bags I use!

Ralph Macchio Signed Karate Kid Print

I actually just recently saw this movie, so to get this print literally less than a week after watching the film was pretty cool. Although I’m not a huge Ralph Macchio fan, I did enjoy getting this print only because I have a friend who would die to have this in their collection. Part of getting a subscription box for myself is giving things away to people who I know will really appreciate it. While some people aren’t this way, it’s equally as great to give away an item as it is to get an item, which makes buying any of these boxes a good investment for myself. If I don’t like the item, I know someone who will, and will love receiving it.

This print again shows why the Bam Box is such a popular item right now. With so many signed prints, you’ll get something new and potentially valuable every week. Keep it up Bam Box. I’m only one month in and I love it!


Back to the Future Licence Plate

This is a really great item on a bunch of different levels. Unfortunately, here in Canada we cannot actually put these types of licence plates on our cars because we are required to have the regular numbers and letters plate on both the front and back of vehicles. However, this a great item that can be easily mounted on a wall, and that is exactly where it will go. While some people will put these on their cars – and I strongly suggest you do if you are a big Back to the Future fan – there are so many other uses for it. This is what I like to call a Universal item…unless you have no idea what it is. Then it might suck!


Ghostbusters Signed Print

I got a limited edition item! In each Bam Box, consumers can either get a red 1 Up card or a green 1 Up card. This month I got the red 1 Up card which meant one of my collectibles was upgraded. Instead of getting the regular Ghostbusters autographed print, I got the 1/500 limited prints. Although the difference in prints is minimal – a juice box in mine, no juice box in the regular – this is still a really cool item for any Ghostbusters fan!



This really is a great box, and I see why people are raving about it so much. There really isn’t anything to hate about what you get – even if you are not a huge fan of the franchises, getting signed prints is outstanding. Sadly, the best item in this box just couldn’t be captured well in an image, but you can see it in the video. It was an original pencil drawn animation for the Star Wars Ewok show which was popular many years ago, before my time. Getting a unique item like that – there is only one of those in the world – is incredible, and for myself, was by far the best item in the box. It will be a big conversation starter once it’s back from the gallery mounted in a beautiful frame and up on my wall.

Thanks Bam Box for an extraordinary box this month!


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