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iPads and LEGO Games Hugely Popular on Disney Cruise Line

No matter which ship I end up on – and so far that would include the Disney Wonder, the Disney Magic, and the Disney Dream – the iPad sections of the Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab is always full of kids trying to play the latest Disney and Marvel games available. With a large variety of games to play – including your Disney favorites like Where’s My Water, Crossy Roads, and more – Disney Cruise Line knows how to keep your kids entertained while you enjoy some of the more adult pleasures on board.


The Disney Dream continues the Disney Cruise Line tradition of blending the elegant grace of early 20th century transatlantic ocean liners with contemporary design to create one of the most stylish and spectacular cruise ships afloat. The Disney Dream offers modern features, new innovations and unmistakable Disney touches. (David Roark, photographer)

When on my last cruise aboard the Disney Wonder, my son was particularly interested in playing the LEGO Marvel Superheroes iPad game in the Oceaneers Club. Not only is the game easy and fun to play on mobile, but the desk of iPad machines was placed within the Marvel Superheroes section of the Oceaneers Club. Even while waiting for levels to load, my son had a wonderful time looking around at all the great superhero gear on display in the area.

It seemed like the iPads were a draw to get the kids to the area, but while spending time with my son in the Club during “Open hours,” I realized he ended up being more interested in what was going on around him, then what was actually going on in the game he was playing, and that isn’t a bad thing. Having these games here for kids to sit down at is a great way to introduce the kids to all the famous Superheroes that they might not otherwise know.

The electronic entertainment board the Disney Cruise Line family of ships is outstanding, and although some might be opposed to the idea of their children – or spouses for that matter – playing video games on the ship, just remember that their happiness is just as important as yours! And trust me, they won’t be at those iPad stations for long! With so many wonderful things to do in the Club and Lab, your kids will be torn in multiple directions before you know it!

My wife and I will be onboard the Disney Dream in September of 2017, and will be vloging and writing about our time on the ship. While we will focus on the entertainment aspects of the ship, I’ll have impressions of much more here on! We will follow that up with a trip to Walt Disney World as well. Join us for our adventures and follow me on Twiter!



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