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Hello Games Shows a Glimpse of the No Man’s Sky Universe at E3 2015


I think many of you have been waiting for this day for a long time – the 2015 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – to see what new additions to the gaming world we can spot. One of the games I was expecting the most was No Man’s Sky – a virtually infinite universe filled with billions of worlds waiting to be explored.

The presentation held by Hello Games at the Sony E3 press conference was enough to make me even more eager to finally lay my hands on the game. To me, it is like finally stumbling across the superior online gambling at, like hitting the jackpot – a whole universe to see right in front of my computer.

As Hello Games has described the game, it will be a sandbox the size of a universe. Maybe it’s not infinite per se, as it has a finite number of stars in the galaxy unraveling before our very eyes, but as somebody has calculated it, it would take more than the lifetime of our sun to visit them all. This might sound like an overkill for some, but I think it’s not – it’s rather a showcase of what a few well built algorithms can do with a given set of data. And maybe a first step toward a more immersive virtual universe.


What made this game occupy a special place in my heart since day one was the fact that it was procedurally generated. The developers of the game have taken a series of basic rules, put them inside a universe-sized sandbox and let a bunch of rather smart algorithms do whatever they can with them. The result is a galaxy filled with unique worlds, each one with its own flora, fauna and resources to explore, so there is always something new to see and do in this incredibly huge – and quite beautiful – game. I wonder if there are any planets with intelligent life in there…


Aside from the vast extent of the universe it takes place in, No Man’s Sky might doesn’t bring anything revolutionary into the world of gaming. It combines the openness of a sandbox game with survival, flexibility, trade and fighting well known from other titles – but it does this against the backdrop of a vast space to explore, with something unique to be found on any planet. And that’s enough to make it a game worthy of waiting for.

Hello Games has promised a release date for the final game in a short time – not the release itself, mind you. Initially the game will be launched as a PS4 exclusive this year, with a PC version also coming sometime in the future.


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