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Heavenly Sword Movie Available this September


Heavenly Sword was one of the better games of the early PS3 days, even though it’s painfully underappreciated. Like the Wii U today, it was put out as an example of first party ingenuity, and the general reaction (usually from people that hadn’t and never would play it) was to laugh out loud. God of War?! With a woman?! Still, it was successful enough to get optioned as a movie, and then everybody forgot about it… until now.

So, at first glance Heavenly Sword the movie seems pretty awesome. If you were to just listen, you’d notice that Anna Torv, Nariko’s original voice and motion capture actress, has made a return, and that the plot sounds as fantasy adventure as it did on the PS3 all those years ago.

But then you’ll actually look at the visuals and notice that it almost looks like it has been made in-engine… a game that came out in 2007. Since then we’ve had everything from Up to Frozen, a shifting landscape of absolutely perfect computer graphics for the big screen, and the creators of this film have opted to make it look like a video game from 2007, a pre-Uncharted example of what the PS3 could do.

We’re hoping that things get a little better before Heavenly Sword is released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 2nd in North America.


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