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GTA5 Gameplay video coming tomorrow

gta5 gameplay

While past trailers of the highly anticipated GTA5 were pretty impressive, fans had one big (and understandable) complaint about them. A noticeable lack of actually gameplay footage. Watching pre-rendered cutscenes is all well and good but we want to see the game in action, in the same visual style that we – the players – would be experiencing for ourselves come September 17th when the game officially launches. 

Coming tomorrow. 10am Eastern Time. Look for it to debut at and here at the Newswire.

Thankfully, Rockstar have today announced that a proper, full trailer featuring actual gameplay will be released tomorrow to show off triple-protagonists Trevor, Michael and Franklin in all their glory. This will be the first time we get to see the game in action outside of the pre-rendered cutscenes.

Be sure to check back on Rockstar‘s website tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time to watch it.

GTA5 releases on September 17th on both Xbox 360 and PS3. A PC port has yet to be announced.


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