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GTA V Multiplayer is Called “Grand Theft Auto Online”

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online sounds like the MMO we’ve all been waiting for, but actually it’s the name for the multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto V. Although RockStar aren’t yet ready to talk about the service, they’ve ensure fans that more will be revealed in summer of this year. 

The fact that they’ve differentiated between GTA V Multiplayer and Grand Theft Auto Online is a surefire tell that RockStar have put an awful lot into the online component of the game. If it was just a multiplayer mode, complete with team deathmatches and races, why bother with the name change?

The implication is perhaps enough to even expect an MMO of sorts, a vast open world filled with players. That would certainly interest the hardcore GTA IV online community, who have been enjoying a limited version of that ideal since 2008. Full world exploration and missions were available in the online mode of Grand Theft Auto IV, but it was limited to a certain number of players. There’s every reason to believe that that limit will have been at least increased, and that hopefully there will be plenty more to see and do in Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto Online will be playable from the Grand Theft Auto V disk when it’s released later this year.

Source: RockStar


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