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Grand Theft Auto V’s script was 3500 pages Long


We all know Grand Theft Auto V had a bunch of dialogue, but how much paper does it actually take to contain all those cutscenes, asides, one liners and phone calls? The answer will be enough to give up your dream of ever working at Rockstar, just in case you end up having to do the photocopies.

In the middle of IGN’s GTA V Comic Con panel, Michael’s actor Ned Luke revealed that the writer’s were working long and hard to get the characters just right.

It’s a brilliant script. Dan [Houser] and Rupert [Humphries], the writers, are prolific. You have to understand, this is a 3500 page script, it’s unbelievable is what it is. They’re up there till their fingers are bleeding.

If you’ve got a spare hour to spend with the main cast of Grand Theft Auto V, I strongly suggest you watch the rest of this video. The quote above comes from around the 17 minute mark. As always, it’s facinating to see the faces behind the voices we know so well, especially when it comes to Steven Ogg, who played Trevor.

For comparison, a film script tends to be 70-120 pages on average, and the rule of thumb is that it takes a minute a page. Think you’ve heard all the dialogue in Grand Theft Auto V? It seems pretty unlikely, which is just another reason to be interested in the remastered version, coming later this year.

Proof that popular games have huge investments behind can be found not only in the work put in scripts, graphics and design, but also in the esports competitions around them. For example, $100M will be invested in 2019 Fornite’s World Cup, where you can also bet on according to Although this will be the highest prize pool for an esports event, it is still peanuts compared to how much it took GTA 5 to be made, which is repoted to be around $265 million, making it the second most expensive game in history.


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