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Ever Oasis is Deeper Than I Anticipated

In my review of Ever Oasis on the Nintendo 3DS, I noted that the game was pretty deep, despite the impressions I was left with when reading the thoughts of others, and watching Treehouse Live demonstrations. After even more time with the game – and playing it for a second time – I’m back to let you know just how deep it is! Here are a few things you won’t want to miss out on.



Early on in the game, you will be given the option to allow your seedlings to work your gardens for you. Not only does it free you up to tackle other endeavours, but it also can provide you unique and useful resources that are needed to keep your Bloom Booths stocked. Make sure to swap out your gardeners often if you are looking for a variety of resources, as each gardener produces a different product!


The larger your Oasis becomes, the more Bloom Booths you are likely to build, and the more items you will need to keep your growing population happy. By the time you have 10-12 booths, you could easily spend all your time wandering the various areas and collecting resources to keep your Bloom Booths in business. Unfortunately, you don’t have that time, so when Expeditions opens up, make sure to take advantage.


Not only would the three explorers you choose to send out find useful items that can be used to stock your Bloom Booths, but they will also get experience and level up, without you lifting a finger. While these expeditions do cost a bit of money, I think the cost is very worth it. Make sure to check in often, however. Idle seedling and visitors don’t do you any good, so make sure to take advantage of their skills!

Stocking the Bloom Booths

If you are early in the game, and already tired of entering each booth to restock supplies, don’t worry! It won’t take you long to unlock the ability to stock all your stores in one convenient location. Instead of having to enter and exit stores – which comes with short, yet frequent loads – you can do all the shelf stocking┬ávia a menu system. While some may say this could ruin the experience of interacting with your seedlings, I think it streamlines the game in the perfect way, once again opening you up to doing new and exciting things, like getting more residents and exploring new lands!

There are many other time saving measures here, but these are a few of our favorites! We will be back soon with more on Ever Oasis, including a More Thoughts from Me blog from Daniel! Stay with for all your Ever Oasis content!


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