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CrossCode Review

CrossCode is an action adventure game coming to the Nintendo Switch this week! I’ve been playing it a bunch and now I’m ready to share my opinion of this game. Is CrossCode worth checking out? Here is my review!


CrossCode is set in a fictional MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) world. Note: this game is not a real MMO but at times, you can be fooled. The main characters and the NPCs all make the world of CrossCode seem like a real MMO. Yes, its 2D sprite characters but it still feels like this could’ve been a real MMO if the developers had wanted it to be.

CrossCode has a really well developed story, with a lot of lore, mystery, and tons of side quests. This is not a short game. The story will take you awhile and the side quests will add even more time to your gameplay. CrossCode also has a really wonderful sense of humor. It breaks the fourth wall like crazy! CrossCode is a really well put together action adventure game.

At first glance, CrossCode may look like an old school SNES turn based jrpg. Thats not at all what CrossCode is.
CrossCode isn’t turn-based. It has an action based battle system, think Zelda but much faster. It also not a jrpg. It has elements of an rpg, like leveling up and a skill tree, but it is focused much more on its action battle system, puzzles, and side quests.

CrossCode is also much more detailed than any SNES game I’ve ever seen. The character art that pops up while people are talking is out of this world. It is many levels beyond anything from the SNES.

Meanwhile, the towns, dungeons, and overworld pop with color, items to destroy, enemies to vaquish, and lots of NPCs running around in the towns and the overworld.

All those NPCs running around does come at a cost though. I noticed some framerate slowdown in the crowded towns. Its nothing major but it is noticeable. It won’t hurt your enjoyment of the game but still you’ll wonder why this is an issue. Its a factor in both the handheld and docked modes. Hopefully it’ll be patched.

The framerate issue thankfully does not effect combat and it definitely does not effect dungeons which are more focused on puzzles with some occasional combat.

The combat and the puzzles can be adjusted in the options menu to make things a bit easier. This is helpful but the puzzles still can be a bit tricky at times. I do wish some of the puzzles had more hints or maybe let you off if you become too stuck on them. Modern gamers are so spoiled right?

CrossCode is well worth checking out for action adventure fans!


CrossCode is a really good looking game, with fun gameplay and a solid story. If you are looking for a really interesting new action adventure game to play, you should check out CrossCode. Its a blast!

CrossCode gets an 9.5 out of 10.

Thank you to PR Hound for providing a digital code for this review. CrossCode will be out on July 9th, 2020 and be available via the Nintendo Switch eshop and physical boxed version/s can be pre-ordered from


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