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You Can now turn off Trophy Notifications on PlayStation 3

Trophy Notifications

The latest PlayStation 3 firmware update, 4.46, released today, has added the ability to turn off trophy notifications. For those who find the achievement hunting meta-game annoying or pointless, you can now make it so that your game isn’t ever interrupted by that addictive but admittedly out of place sound.

This new feature is available in the settings of your PlayStation 3. Simply head across the XMB, it’s the second tab along, and them move down to system settings. A little under halfway down, you’ll find “trophy notifications.” The setting has ‘display’ as default, but you can change that to ‘do not display’ with a simple click. Your new setting will take effect right away.

It’d be nice to be able to customize a little more here. What if I want to be able to see that a trophy has popped, without necessarily having the noise associated with it? While we’re at it, why not allow the opposite to be true, for the sound to pop but nothing on screen?

If you want to take advantage of this latest PS3 feature, you’ll need to download 4.46. Plus members with automatic updates turned on simply need to install the update, while others will need to download it as well. Be sure to add time to your planned play session to allow for the update, either way.


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