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Witcher 3 Combat Complaints?

Usually when big media outlets begin scoring games close to perfection – which is the case for the IGN (9.3) and Gamespot (10) scores for the Witcher 3 – everybody picks something out about the game to perhaps taint the general perception. In the case of CD Projekt Red’s latest title, combat seems to be a point of contention.


So how bad is the combat in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? In my opinion, it is not bad at all. In fact, it’s some of the best combat controls I’ve ever played with, and it is a definite improvement over previous Witcher titles. Since many people want to compare The Witcher 3 and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, I figured I will do the same. For the record, I have played both games on medium difficulty, for more than 30 hours. Here is my opinion on combat.

Skyrim is definitely a hack and slash experience in certain ways. If you plan to bulk up with heavy armour, grab yourself a large sword and begin swinging. With lighter armour and more speed, players CAN take a tactical approach to the game. In general, however, you could hack and slash your entire way through the game. In the Witcher 3, however, I haven’t found that to¬† be the case. No matter which type of armour or weapons you invest in, if you are not careful with how you approach battle, you will most definitely lose, especially against large, more dominant monsters. The more succesful you become at using all the mechanics in the Witcher 3, the more likely you will be able to attack enemies and monsters with levels significantly higher than your own.

In a sense, I think the Witcher 3 is more in depth, and might actually represent a deeper learning curve. However, within an hour of playing, clicking the bumper button to bring up your skills, bolts and bombs becomes second nature. Two potions or food items can be mapped to the D-pad up and down buttons, and your swords – steel for humans and silver for monsters – are mapped to the D-pad left and right buttons. Some battles will require plenty of pre-planning. In these situations, your beastery is your best friend. Here you will find which Signs work best against the foe, which oils you might want to coat your swords in, or which bombs could be effective.

While both games use different approaches to combat, I personally find the Witcher 3 approach more enjoyable. Although not everyone enjoys depth in their combat, I feel like many do. Do you have a gripe with combat in the Witcher 3?

Full review is available now also.


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