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WB Live a First for Warner Bros at E3

Nintendo Treehouse always seems to get the most press and accolades at E3 events, but this year, other publishers are getting in on the continues streaming action. For the first time at E3, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is showing live footage of various important people playing some of their upcoming titles. What had me captivated for much of the afternoon was the LEGO Dimensions coverage!

And Gail Simone was there! Talking about playing as Dr. Who, driving the Batmobile, through the Shire! After being a long time fan, Gail was invited to write some Teen Titans dialogue, so understandably, she was there!

A few months back, rumors seemed to abound that LEGO Dimensions was about to be cancelled, but thankfully that turned out to be just that, rumors. Warner Bros. was very active with LEGO Dimensions on the first day of E3 floor access, showing off the new Teen Titans figures and gameplay during their first ever WB Live event!

From what we’ve seen, the newest additions to the LEGO Dimensions line-up of toys is sure to impress all LEGO Dimensions fans, whether they are a fans of Teen Titan or not! I for one am not, but was thrilled to see more vehicles, more environments, and more characters! I might not be a huge fan, but I’m excited to try it out.

The new Teen Titans environment looks fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching members of the Warner Bros. team walk around and explore Jump City.

There seems to be a lot of stuff coming from the LEGO Group and Warner Bros. when it comes to LEGO Dimensions, so make sure to stay tuned!


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