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Ubisoft jokes about the Always-On Kinect

Creators of Watch Dogs Ubisoft posted a sneaky picture on their WatchDogs facebook page earlier today.


While not directly mentioning Xbox One’s Kinect, the angle at which the picture was taken -under the tv, pointed at the sofa, same height as the coffee table- does look like the view you would see from a Kinect camera.  The added tagline of ‘They Are Always Watching‘ could be a nod to Microsoft too.

The controversial decision to insist that the Kinect is in a ‘always-on‘ state, even if the console is switched off led to many conspiracies that Microsoft could eavesdrop on your everyday lives. Microsoft have since put the conspiracy to rest by announcing that the Kinect is only listening for the “Xbox On” command when in stand-by and users can in fact turn the Kinect off if they so wish. 

Still though, it’s funny to see a developer poking fun at the big dogs.


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