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Three PDP Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases

Recently, thanks to our partners at PDP, I received a big package in the mail. Apart of that package was three Nintendo Switch carrying cases! Today I’ll take a look at them and let you what I thought of them.


Premium Console Case Zelda

I am a huge fan of Breath of the Wild. So I really love this case. The Link graphic with his bow on front is fantastic. I also love the logo all in gold in the right corner. The inside of the case is very nice. This case is meant for a regular Nintendo Switch and the system fits in it well. There’s a place to put Nintendo Switch carts too!

I haven’t been taking my Nintendo Switch anywhere but if I ever do, I’ll be using this case.

The case costs $14.99, which I think is a pretty reasonable price. This is a high quality product!

You can find it here!

Rating: Highly Recommended

Slim Travel Case – DK Camo Edition


According to Donkey Kong, its on! At least thats what this case says on the front. This slim case features a green background, the words Its on and a cartoony Donkey Kong on front. Its a pretty nice case.

I wanted this one for mom who really likes Donkey Kong and has a Nintendo Switch lite. The Lite fits in this perfectly. There’s room for games and if you wanted to put a regular Switch in this, it would fit too. But I absolutely think this one is better for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

This case is also $14.99. It can be found here!

Rating: Highly recommended for the Switch Lite

Slim Travel Case – Zelda Retro Edition


This case features a much simpler design than the previous too. There is a huge 8-bit Link on the front of the case and thats it. No colored background like the Donkey Kong case or fancy logo like the Breath of the Wild case.

I wanted this one for my dad who has a Nintendo Switch Lite like my mom. He is more into Zelda than Donkey Kong. I know he likes retro things a lot so I thought he’d appreciate this case.

Just like the DK case, the Zelda retro edition could hold a regular Switch and games, but I think it works better for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Its not a fancy case but if you love the orignal 8-bit Link, you will love it.

The retro Zelda case is $14.99 and can be found here!

Rating: Recommended for the Nintendo Switch Lite

All of these cases are very sturdy and high quality. I have my favorite (Breath of the Wild), but you can’t go wrong with any of these carrying cases.

PDP does a wonderful job with these products!

Thank you PDP for providing me with these products. My entire family will enjoy them so much.


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