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State of Decay is Fastest Selling Arcade New IP


Zombie adventure State of Decay has become the fastest selling new IP on Xbox Live Arcade after its release last week. It sold 250,000 units in only two days and has continued to sell, hitting that sweet spot between zombie adventure and player-controller narrative that perhaps games like DayZ and The Walking Dead so often just miss. There’s no doubt that it’s paid off anyway, and that State of Decay will continue to be a must-play title over the coming weeks and months.

This was confirmed during the GamesTrailers pre-Microsoft show, alongside the fact that Microsoft will continue trying to support indie developers across both the 360 and Xbox One. State of Decay is a survival game that has you focussing more on the survival itself than on fighting your way through the undead hordes. It’s been getting universally positive reviews and a demo is available to download on Xbox Live.

If you haven’t heard about State of Decay, take a look at this week’s podcast for a long discussion about the game and how it does things so differently. 


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