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Star Citizen Is The Gaming Project That Brings The Future Home

We’ve all been there, lost in a daydream about faraway galaxies, traveling at light speed through large gas quadrants, stepping on far away planets and feeling the ground with our palms. Equally, we know the current technology that human beings have is no way near the advancement needed to explore outer space at our leisure. And so, we’re caught in a land of fantasy that could one day be a reality.

However, as the late great Gene Wilder said, Star Citizen says ‘come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.’ This game is going to be revolutionary. At no other point in time, has there been a team dedicated to creating an entire universe that gamers can explore, in mind warping hyperdrive spaceships, sandblaster hoverbikes, battlecruisers that burst in and out of toxic atmospheres. Purely made for PC gaming, Star Citizen is an MMORPG in a sandbox environment, where players can do all manner of things and live a life depicted far into the future when humankind has spread its wings from Earth.


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The single-player campaign will revolve around a unit called Squadron 42. The player takes the role of a rookie UEE (United Empire of Earth) and plunges them into an elite volunteer fighting force that is going out into space to fend off an enemy called the Vanduul. They are the fourth alien race discovered by humans and have an insatiable thirst for natural resources. As humankind is still expanding and trying to forge new alliances through diplomacy and trade, it finds itself under attack by this mysterious race. It the role of the player to go on hunting missions that require convoy protection, exploring crash or murder sites at the order of the UEE, which Squadron 42 are only too happy to obey. Brilliant actors the likes of Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, and Mark Hamill, play key roles as commanders, politicians, friends, and soldiers through their voice acting talents.


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With newer and better hardware that gives players the option of increased activity during online gameplay, the entire universe that Star Citizen offers was made for the interactive experience. Players are quite frankly plopped in the middle of the online world and left to fend for themselves. Those lucky enough to get 5000 UEC in-game currency from places like are automatically in front of everybody else. They can buy ships dedicated to fighting, cargo hauling, fire support, vehicle transportation and even self-defense weapons for their character. The online world is fully customizable, with docking stations that repair and upgrade ships, and armor suits that help brave the player from the perilous environments on certain moons, planets, asteroids and giant gaseous clusters. Basically, this game is like Grand Theft Auto, except it’s in outer space with an even larger online gaming experience; which is mind-bogglingly awesome.

Still in development

However, the sad news is, the game is still being developed as you can imagine, the task of creating a fully MMORPG in the vastness of the universe takes time. The good news is, the game is crowdfunded and has so far been graciously given the funding of 141 million dollars by fans who believe in the project. This means that the sustainability of such a large project which otherwise wouldn’t even exist is stable and has a strong fanbase.


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