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Rainbow Six: Siege announced, features robust 5-on-5 multiplayer

In the final moments of Ubisofts E3 Conference, The surprise game was not Beyond Good and Evil 2, as everyone suspected, but a new iteration of the Rainbow Six Series. Finally coming out of the Shadows (literally and figuratively), after Rainbow Six: Patriots was announced, Went Dark in the midst of development, and eventually had to be “Remade” (according to Ubisoft), Rainbow Six: Siege closed out the show in a hail of gun blazing and bullet holes.
The footage of the game shown at E3 showed a 5-on-5 multiplayer match between the Rainbow Six team and a group of terrorists holding a hostage in a fancy manor, though it was unclear as to why the hostage, a woman, was being held. 5 players are the six team and 5 players are terrorists, respectively. full of hostage defense moments where the terrorists defend the hostage room and the Six team does breach and rescue, the game also featured completely destructible environments to the point where players can shoot their way through walls to get their objective.
Rainbow Six Siege currently has a 2015 release date

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