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Puppeteer Demo on its Way


Sony exclusive Puppeteer will soon be getting a demo. The game, which was formally announced last year, is a platformer of sorts that has you using a magical pair of scissors to attack enemies and alter the world. It’s one of those games that sounds really strange until you try it, and that opportunity is on its way. 

Sony Japan have today announced that they’ll be bringing their “Rehearsal Demo” to the Japanese PlayStation store on Thursday. If you have a Japanese account, you’ll be able to download the demo for free. Although nothing has been formally confirmed right now, it’s almost certain that an EU and US version of the demo will be released in good time, ahead of the game’s September release date.

Puppeteer is an unusual game that was originally announced alongside Rain. Both titles are bound to appeal to fans of the likes of Braid and LIMBO.


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