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PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.46 Now Available

 PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.46

4.45 managed to brick a bunch of PlayStation 3 consoles, to the obvious annoyance of their owners. Sony have been pretty quick about releasing a new update to fix that problem and PlayStation 3 firmware 4.46 is available right now. If you have automatic updates turned on as part of PlayStation Plus, you’ll only need to install the update from your settings menu. Else you’ll need to download it as well. Remember to add this time on if you’re interested in playing anything today, especially online games.

There’s likely to be a few hidden features in there somewhere, but for the most part this update is just for fixing up the bricked PS3s of those people who were unlucky enough to have their console brick. It’ll also contain everything that firmware 4.45 was supposed to include: any security updates, system stability and the option to turn off trophy notifications. That last one is something that has been long requested by a certain type of gamer, so no doubt they feel it’s been a long time coming.


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