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No DLC Planned for Super Mario 3D World


Nintendo has been pushing New Super Luigi U in several of their Nintendo Directs and with good reason. Although it’s more akin to a new game than a piece of DLC, they’ve basically done what people have been asking for since DLC became a thing: they’re building an expansion where they could have simply added an extra character or a few new levels. How that will work out for them is yet to be seen, but it seems even Nintendo will be holding out on seeing the results before further venturing into the world of downloadable content.

The developers behind Super Mario 3D World, the 3D title announced at Nintendo’s E3 Direct, don’t currently have plans to release any DLC for the game. This was revealed in an interview with Koichi Hayashida at

He also confirmed that the same team would be working on something else in the near future, and that an announcement was imminent, although their current focus is entirely on Super Mario 3D World.


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