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Loadout Confirmed for PS4


After a successful release on PC earlier this year, the free-to-play third person shooter Loadout is making its way onto PS4. Loadout will be a console exclusive, only appearing on PS4 and the already released PC version. 

Developed by Edge of Reality, Loadout takes the familiar style of gameplay seen in most third person shooters, adds in a graphical style similar to Team Fortress 2 and the extremely customisable weapon system of Borderlands. This system gives the player the opportunity to customise every little detail about their firearms, giving the player a sense of progression and freedom.

Since its release back in January on PC, Loadout’s fanbase has continued to grow with millions of gamers already playing the free-to-play. Loadout has been praised for its high level of customisation, addictive shooting gameplay and the competitive modes that are known to rival other online shooters. 

So far, Edge of Reality is yet to comment on when this game will be released, although it is assumed it will appear later this year. They are currently working on optimizing the game for PS4 and suiting the controls for the Dualshock 4. 

Alongside the announcement, Edge of Reality released a new trailer for the game showing just some of what you’ll be able to create.


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