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LEGO Jurassic World Early Impressions

LEGO games are generally always good, but unfortunetly, very few have been great. Jurassic World is good, but noticeably different from other LEGO titles. This is actually a really good thing, especially for people with limited time or parents with younger children.


The two obvious changes between this title and, say, LEGO Avengers, is the length of the levels and the amount of combat. I was never a fan of past LEGO games because each level, if explored fully, could take 45 minutes to an hour. The maximum amount of time I spent in any LEGO Jurassic level was thirty minutes – 20 on my intial play when my character options were limited. For the sake of my five year old son, the lack of any major combat sequences is also great. In past LEGO titles, the combat would often overwhelm my son; in this game, the focus is on environmental destruction and puzzle solving. The combat is definitely minimized.

So far I’ve completed the first three movies, and I am waiting to play Jurassic World until I have seen the movie. Up until now, I have really enjoyed my time with the game. I have played almost exclusivley with my son. For this reason, I also really enjoy the Mr. DNA help icons spread throughout the world. It means my son will never get stuck!

A full review of LEGO Jurassic will be up once I have completed the entire game. Stay tuned to Games Reviews for further coverage.



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