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Keifer Sutherland is Snake in MGS5


Konami have today announced that Keifer Sutherland will be taking over the role of Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He replaces David Hayter, who played the well loved character in various guises  for almost fifteen years. Hayter wasn’t warned about the transition, but seems to have seen the writing on the wall long before the game’s April blowout.

If nothing else, Sutherland seems excited to make his mark on the series, and sees it as a nice change of pace from the stuff he usually does. Although it’s a shame Konami didn’t broadcast a trailer actually showing off Sutherland’s work, it’s fair to expect that his work will be formally introduced at either Sony’s or Microsoft’s conference next week. 

David Hayter took the announcement less well, although that’s perfectly understandable. 



In case his own Tweets didn’t quite capture his emotional state, he also retweeted something from Bill Murray.


Appreciation of a joke, or something a little darker?


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