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Insert Coin Working with Sony on PlayStation-Inspired Range

Insert Coin - Sony Tease

Insert Coin, the well respected gaming t-shirt store, have today announced that they’re working with Sony on a range of PlayStation-inspired designs. Little else was said, or at least no specific designs were announced, but they did say that they’ve looked at the full Sony range – “From Kratos to Sackboy, PaRappa to Nathan Drake” – to help create exciting, stylish designs that you’ll definitely want to wear if you’re a Sony gamer.

More news will be coming over the next few weeks, and the Insert Coin Facebook page advices to keep your eyes peeled on their blog if you want to see the designs before anybody else. 

From Insert Coin:

This new partnership will give gamers an even better opportunity to represent their passion for pixels. The ranges will launch with several exclusive items, drawing on the rich worlds of some of PlayStations’s most recognisable characters – including PaRappa the Rapper, Kratos, Sackboy, and Joel and Ellie.

 Insert Coin are best known for creating t-shirts that aren’t necessarily directly gaming based. Instead of just releasing clothing with a picture of Sonic on the pocket, they take logos from in-game companies, or influenced by the apparel our the player characters. It’s an interesting style, resulting in something that’s far less obvious than some of the gaming shirts out there (which usually just sport a logo).

Sonic Leggings

Of course, it’s not all super stylish…

In recent weeks they’ve announced a number of new partnerships, including clothing based on Sonic the Hedgehog and on Silent Hill. 


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