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Harmonix and Disney Announce Fantasia: Music Evolved – thousands ask “why?”

Harmonix and Disney have announced a new game based on the classic Fantastia. That should be pretty damn good, right? The classical music, the wondrous world – where can they go wrong? 

Watch the video above.

Exclusive to Kinect for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Fantasia: Music Evolved has you dancing to a number of modern hits (including tracks by Bruno Mars and Queen), guided by arrows on the screen. At certain points, you’ll be able to remix a track with additional instruments. If you work hard and perform well, you’ll be able to further alter the base track, creating something completely new.  

It almost sounds like the sort of thing that might work as a downloadable title, but with the Fantasia name behind it, expectation is just too high. Unfortunately for Harmonix, they’ve fallen at the first hurdle. Of the 1400 people that have “thumbed” the video, 1300 have given it a thumbs down. And that’s not just from people who want to see Kinect and Xbox One fail, there’s a huge amount of people who think a Fantasia Kinect game could work well, but in the words of one commenter: “not like this.”


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