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Batman Arkham Origins Complete Edition Coming August?


Batman Arkham Origins was met with slightly more mixed reviews than its predecessor, Arkham City, but it was still a very capable entry in the Bat’s franchise. For those that missed out, it might be worth holding on just a little longer, as Amazon’s German branch may have just leaked the existence of a Game of the Year edition.

Containing all the DLC, including Mr Freeze’s return in Cold, Cold Heart, the Game of the Year outing will be the ultimate version of Batman Arkham Origins on PS3. While a lot of focus was given to the new Batman, Arkham Knight, the delay means you have a few extra months to go back and make up your own mind on the included multiplayer, which we thought was relatively fun (if a little laggy).

Of course, this isn’t exactly super surprising. Every Arkham game to date has received a collected edition, bunching together all the bonus skins, extra levels, pre-order bonuses and single player DLC. At this point it would be quite a bit more surprising to find out that it wasn’t in the works.

No official word quite yet, but with less than two months to go until Amazon reckon it’ll be available to purchase, you can expect an announcement in the coming weeks.


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