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Unlocking the Gold Combination in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

When you’ve completely finished Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you probably want people to know all about it. Thanks to some Gold customization options, this can definitely be the case, but outside of looking cool, would you actually want to use this 100% gold combination? Check out the video from Abdallah below, as well as our written guide on how to unlock all the gold items!

Gold Standard Kart
To get the Gold Standard Kart, you need to get every Gold cup in 150CC with at least a 1 star rating on each.
Gold Tires
To get the Gold Tires, you will need to load single players, enter Time Trials, and beat a number of Time Trial ghosts. Based on recommendations from Abdallah, it’s best to use heavy characters – Bowser, Roy, etc – as they will give you maximum speed. You will want to pair a heavy character with: Circuit Special, Slick (or Cyber Slick) wheels, and any glider can do (although having more traction never hurts)!
Depend on the track, these combinations could differ, but for the most part, this suggested combination from Abdallah is ideal!
Once you’ve got your combination, you will need to beat the Nintendo ghost on every level in the game. The Nintendo Ghost will appear as Nin*_____. Note that you can observe the ghosts prior to racing him, a great idea for new players!
Gold Glider
To unlock the golden glider, you will need to collect 5000 coins. This will take some time as you can only collect a maximum of 10 coins per race, meaning 40 per cup.
Gold Mario
Unlocking Gold Mario might not be as time consuming as getting the glider, but it will definitely be challenging. To get Gold Mario you will need to win the Gold Trophy on every cup in 200CC. Like with the Gold Standard Kart, you won’t need to get 3 stars, but just one to succeed.
Do you have the gold combination? Let us know!

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