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PS4 Mock-up Based on Teaser Trailer

While Microsoft were gearing themselves up and preparing for the big reveal of their next console Sony were wringing their hands and twirling their┬ámoustaches as they released a teaser for the PlayStation 4 last night, less than 24 hours before Microsoft take centre stage and show the world the next Xbox today. The excellent timing stole some of Microsoft’s limelight for sure and it seems to be continuing to kick up some dust well into the day of the Next Box reveal.

The sneak peak PS4 video didn’t show much on first inspection but a closer look and a lot of freeze framing revealed more than meets the eye. Multiple screengrabs of the video gave Reddit user Albino-Zebra just enough information to be able to piece together a mock-up of what he thinks the PS4 may actually look like.



It’s a pretty convincing concept but the big question is… is that what you want the PS4 to look like?

In other news…

The mockup concept above is not the only thing buzzing on the interweb as a result of the Sony tease. Youtube channel VideoGamerTV gave their attempt at revealing the true identity of the console by un-blurring the PS4 in the Sony video.



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