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Playstation 4 – Official tease trailer (screenshots inside)

Square, metallic and what can only be described as a grill effect. No Im not talking about the latest toaster, it is in fact the PS4. Recently added by the Official Playstation facebook feed this 40 second tease doesn’t give us much to go on. Blurred and far away, the PS4 looks like it might be rectangular in shape with chrome trimming. A carbon fibre material gets a close-up shot as does the 4 from the PS4 logo. Circular vents and straight lines gives the console an industrial feel. No other useful information can be squeezed from this clip. No glimpse of USB slots, disc trays, HDMI ports or any other important hardware feature but of course they’re keeping the juicy stuff for E3 next month.

I have personally gone over the entire video frame by frame taking screenshots of everything of interest. See them all below.

PS4-screen PS4-screen-2 PS4-screen-3 ps4-screen-10 PS4-screen-4 ps4-screen-5 ps4-screen-6 ps4-screen-7 ps4-screen-8 ps4-screen-9


The full reveal will happen during the Sony Press Conference on June 10th at E3 in LA.


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