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New Battlefield 4 Screenshot Released

The highly anticipated Battlefield 4 is due within the next six months and is no doubt going to be a must-buy for early adopters of next-gen consoles. It’s understandable that people are getting more than a little excited about the whole thing, and DICE have released two new screenshots as a reward for their ever-obsessed community.

Both pictures show a lot about the graphical quality of Battlefield 4. Although probably polished up with some post-processing, it’s hard to look at the textures and lighting without being impressed. The¬†graffiti¬†and even things like the dust hanging in the air shows a game that is graphically superior to almost everything on the market right now.


PC users ought to start planning their upgrades, while console users can only begin to guess how much of this picture will be valid to them.


17 Minutes gamplay below.


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