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Gravitrax Pro Takes the Marble Game to New Heights…Literally

Late in 2019, we reviewed a revolutionary new toy from Ravensburger called Gravitrax, and at that time we called it one of the best toys currently available on the marketplace. Two years later, and prior to receiving the Gravitrax Pro sets for review, I would have echoed that statement. We get a lot of toys and games to review on GamesReviews, but none of them have had the longevity of Gravitrax. A few months of play is pretty solid for any kids, mine included. But years? Even before new fun pieces arrived, Gravitrax was a weekly play-thing in the Roffel household, and that’s turned into a daily practice since the arrival of the Grabitrax Pro Starter Kit, and various expansions. But is this new look at Gravitrax worth your time? Let’s find out!


Off the top, it’s probably worth noting that all your original Gravitrax accessories, tracks, and more will work with Gravitrax Pro. While the new towers included in the brand new kits have a beautiful gray look to them, everything else remains the same, including the thick grey spacers, thin black spacers, light gray/silver track, red, blue, and green marbles, white plastic track pieces, and more. Look at Gravitrax Pro as an expansion to the original, as opposed to a brand new standalone package.

That being said, everything you need to build a wicked Gravitrax set is built right into the this Pro Starter Kit, including 6 marbles, tons of track, a starting spot for 3 marbles, and a place for them to end. No need to own the original, as Gravitrax Pro has what you need.

So what makes Gravitrax Pro different from the original sets? Does it simply improve on the original concept? I’d argue no, but rather, builds on it. And it’s building up. See, Gravitrax Pro is about taking your original marble tracks and taking them to the sky. Sure, in the original sets and expansions, Ravensburger provided some fantastic raised base pieces so you could give your sets some much needed height to get the marbles from A to B, but the Pro sets take that to a new extreme, giving you the option to build much higher than ever before with two different types of tower pieces: one solid, and the other with an opening in between so that track can be laid THROUGH a tower, as opposed to going around it. The video demonstration and review above probably shows it off best.

The other awesome new addition to Gravitrax Pro is the ability to build without towers or supports. Included in the box are thing plastic screens that can be connected between towers. Little floating spacers can then be placed into the plastic wall, providing the opportunity to bring your ball up or down without the need of spacers. This is a great way to conserve space in your design, keeping everything tight together. To make these work, the Pro set also comes with brand new track types, which quickly bring the ball from one level to another either directly forward, or moving left-or-right. These brand new tracks are also a great way to get some speed quickly.

There are a number of awesome expansions also available in the Gravitrax Pro lineup, including the Mixer and the Splitter. Both items will bring your ball from one level to another, shooting it out various ways. Both are unique and create different trajectories for your ball. The video above will demo both for you, but safe to say, for about 12.99 they are pretty good additions to your Gravitrax set.

Gravitrax Pro is an easy recommendation, and can currently be picked up in Canada at Toys R Us, Mastermind Toys, Amazon, and other outlets. Take a look and treat your kids (or yourself); like we said originally, you will not be disappointed!




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