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Dota 2 Reworked: Massive Update Patch 7.33

Valve has released a massive update for Dota 2, “The New Frontiers”. The update includes a number of major changes to the game, including a new map, new items, and new heroes. It is the biggest update in the last few years, and it will completely change the current meta.


New Map 

One of the most significant changes in Patch 7.33 is the new map. The map has been expanded by 40%, and there are a number of new landmarks and features. There are now two new jungle camps, and the Roshan pit has been moved to a new location, two locations to be exact. The new locations are in the corners of the map. The first one is located near Radiant’s safe lane, while the other is near Dire’s safe lane. Roshan will be in one pit during the daytime, and relocate to the other one in the nighttime.

The map also features a number of new shortcuts, which should make it easier for players to move around the map.

The larger map has a number of implications for Dota 2. It will make the game more strategic. Players will have to think more carefully about where they want to put their wards and how they want to rotate around the map.

It will also make the game more dynamic. There will be more opportunities for ganks and team fights, and the overall pace of the game will be faster.

Overall, the new map is a positive change for Dota 2. It makes the game more strategic, dynamic, and exciting. It will be interesting to see how the new map affects the meta of the game and how players adapt to it. It will surely be interesting to see the impact of the new meta on the professional Dota 2 scene.

Hero Reworks

Patch 7.33 brings forth several hero reworks, altering the abilities and characteristics of certain heroes. Let’s take a look at some of the heroes that have been reworked:


Alchemist went under a massive nerf. Unstable Concoction, Alchemist’s ultimate ability, has been revamped and the cool-down is increased by 2 seconds. In addition to that, his base movement speed is slowed. He was one of the best heroes at the Berlin Major, and a hero with a 65% win rate. It will be interesting to see how the nerf affected him.


Mana Break, Anti-Mage’s passive ability, has undergone modification. It now deals damage based on the target’s current mana, as opposed to their maximum mana. This change enhances the ability’s effectiveness in harassing enemies during the laning phase, causing them to lose mana even if their reserves are full.


Enfeeble, Bane’s ultimate ability, has been reworked. It now reduces the target’s attack damage and armor, in addition to their attack damage alone. This alteration amplifies the ability’s efficiency in disabling enemies, as it weakens them, making them more vulnerable and easier to eliminate.


Inner Beast, Beastmaster’s passive ability, has undergone a transformation. It now grants Beastmaster increased attack speed and damage, as opposed to solely attack speed. This modification empowers the ability in the early stages of the game, facilitating Beastmaster’s farm and jungle speed.


Thirst, Bloodseeker’s passive ability, has been reworked. It now provides Bloodseeker with increased movement speed and attack speed when in proximity to low-health enemies, rather than solely increased movement speed. This adjustment augments the ability’s effectiveness in ganking enemies, allowing Bloodseeker to close the gap and secure kills swiftly.

Item Changes

In addition to hero reworks, Patch 7.33 introduces several adjustments to items in the game. Here are some notable changes:

Black King Bar

Black King Bar now grants immunity to magic damage but not physical damage. This change diminishes the item’s effectiveness against physical damage dealers such as Sven and Ursa.

Blade Mail

Blade Mail now reflects a portion of the damage dealt to the caster back to the attacker. This alteration enhances the item’s efficacy against physical damage dealers, enabling it to reflect their damage back at them.

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger now possesses an increased cool-down. This adjustment reduces the item’s frequency of use, compelling players to exercise caution and strategic decision-making when utilizing it.

Ethereal Blade

Ethereal Blade now endows the target with evasion but not magic immunity. This change strengthens the item’s effectiveness against physical damage dealers, as it can now be employed to make the target more difficult to hit.

Ghost Scepter

Ghost Sceptre now grants the target magic immunity, excluding evasion. This modification increases the item’s effectiveness against magic damage dealers, as it provides the target with immunity against magical attacks.


Gameplay Mechanics Changes

Patch 7.33 also introduces various alterations to the gameplay mechanics within Dota 2. Let’s examine some of these changes:


Creeps now possess higher health and armour, making it more challenging for teams to push towers in the early stages of the game. Neutral creeps now have 4 levels of abilities, and they no longer drop neutral items on death. Now they drop Neutral Tokens of different tiers (1 to 5).


Towers now have reduced health and armour, making it more difficult for teams to defend their towers in the late game.


The jungle has been reworked, with certain camps being removed and new ones being added. This change increases the difficulty for players to farm the jungle, necessitating more strategic decision-making regarding their item builds.


Runes have undergone rework as well. Some runes have been removed from the game while new ones have been introduced. This adjustment raises the difficulty for players to control the runes, demanding a more strategic approach to rotations and rune control.


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