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Dead Island: Riptide Remains on Top

On path to beating Bioshock Infinite for the amount of time it’s been in first place on the UK software charts, Dead Island: Riptide only needs to stay in first place next week for it to be the only game to last four weeks at the top in 2013. Bioshock Infinite itself has dropped down to number 6, with a lot of familiar faces filling the gaps between.


Black Ops II, which had previously dropped out of the top ten, made a reappearance at second place this week, thanks to a sale at retail. It just goes to show how much difference a sale can make. Tomb Raider is in third place yet again, showing that Lara Croft’s latest adventure has certainly got a long grip, and Injustice: Gods Amongst Us battles to stay at number 4 (it was at second place last week).

Fifa 13 is in fifth place, Assassin’s Creed free runs to seventh and Nintendo’s Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins for 3DS stays at a relatively strong eighth. Telltale’s The Walking Dead, now a physical release, made it to ninth and Luigi’s Mansion 2 made it into tenth place this week, down from ninth.

For the rest of the top forty, check out UKIE.


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