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Bandai Namco Hint at Digimon Localisation


Digimon rode the same wave Pokemon did for a while in the nineties, but when the fad ended, so too did the mainstream acceptance of those digital champions. Pokemon kept working as a full-on RPG and Digimon, at least here in the UK, disappeared from the charts. That might be about to change.

Answering a question on the EU PlayStation Blog, community manager for Bandai Namco EU Isshak Ferdjani said that the chances of the latest Digimon title hitting the UK are directly influenced by the consumer.

[A]bout Digimon: I know one way you can help, by signing a certain petition ;)

The game in question is Digimon Story: Cybersleuth for the Vita. If it were to make it to the US, it’d be the first title in the franchise to be localised since 2008. You can find the petition Ferdjani is hinting at by clicking here. It currently has almost 25,000 signatures, and there are other petitions on the same site that have a few thousands supporting them. In other words, Bandai have probably already taken note, hence the tease.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sign, and in fact you almost definitely should. The Vita has been getting a lot of support lately, from Bandai Namco especially, and hopefully with the help of Operation Decode, and of community manager Isshak Ferdjani, the fans can get what they want.


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