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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, Asia, Pan-Asia Dissolved, One Company Formed

Sony have today announced that it is closing Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia and Sony Computer Entertainment Pan-Asia, replacing all three companies with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia. The one company will run across several territories, not entirely unlike SCEE has been doing for years. This will mean several big changes to the way these territories are run. Although it seems odd timing – what with it being April Fools and all – it’s also the first day of the new financial year.

The newly formed company will be led by Hiroshi Kawano.

How this will change things was detailed in the press release:

– Providing a new strategic planning department. 
– New management unit is provided. 
– Portion is provided in relation to the new publisher. 
– Development of new support portion is provided. 
– Publishing a new section is provided first party. 
– Quality control unit is provided a new format. 
– New product management unit is provided. 
– Providing a new loan management unit. 
– Japan section is provided a new customer relationship. 
– Japan section is provided in the new marketing. 
– Providing a new Japan sales department. 
– Japan section is provided in the new online service. 
– Providing a new Asia Strategy Department. 
– Asian Network Planning Department provided new business.




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