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Return to Monkey Island Announced

If you’re a fan of point and click games, then you know about Monkey Island. You’ve probably heard of Manic Mansion too. While there have been re-releases and remakes of games in both series, we haven’t seen a new one lately. Guess what? Return to Monkey Island was announced today. And if its from Ron Gilbert, the mind behind the original games!

Return to Monkey Island was announced today. No release date was given for the title other than that it is coming in 2022. No systems either but you can be sure it’ll be on PC.

We don’t know much about the game so far. Lucasfilm Games says that is “a new game by Ron Gilbert that picks up where Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge left off.” Ron Gilbert was in charge of the original Monkey Island games and Manic Mansion. Its a very big deal for him to be back for the new one! This should be a really good game.

Are you a Monkey Island fan? What do you think of this new game?


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