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Pirate Quantum Break to become…a Pirate?


Screens have surfaced showing off main Quantum Break character Jack Joyce sporting an eye patch with a skull and crossbones. First impressions by some have been that someone has found a way to create mods for Quantum Break, but the real situation is both funny and incredibly informative. The developers themselves have added this nifty touch to their game to highlight individuals who have pirated the game. This should make for some interesting comments on some people’s Twitch or YouTube streams.

This isn’t the first time this company has done this. The same type of “pirate shaming” also happened in Alan Wake on Xbox 360. Whether or not something like this would deter someone from pirating a game is unknown, but it definitely would deter a lot of people from attempting to profit – via YouTube and Twitch – on a game that they never purchased in the first place.

Personally, I find this type of shaming very comical. Do you?


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