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Papa & Yo Coming to PC, Pre-order on Steam

The rather charming Papa & Yo, formerly a PlayStation 3 exclusive, is on its way to PC. You can pre-order it off Steam right now for about a tenner (or $15 US), and that includes the fantastic soundtrack as well. It’s a great chance for PC gamers to get a look at what I think was one of the more underrated digital releases last year.

To deal with his father’s drinking, Quico goes off into a fantasy world filled with puzzles and magic. The story line is marvelously handled, thanks in part to the very personal nature of the issue of alcoholism, and the graphics and music set the scene perfectly. There were some gameplay problems – the framerate wasn’t always great and the controls could be your worst enemy – but that didn’t stop the touching plot hitting each of its marks.

If the PC version of Papa & Yo fixes the downsides of the PS3 version – and the press release certainly seems sure that that is the case – I can’t say there will be very much wrong with it. If you’re interested, you can pre-order from Steam right now.


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