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The Elgato has some new competition in the newly announced Razer Stream Controller X:

The Stream Controller X is powered by Loupedeck Software, ensuring play-and-play compatibility across all major streaming platforms such as OBS Studio, Twitch, Streamlabs, Adobe Premier Pro, and more. With access to Loupedeck’s UI, streamers can effortlessly install popular applications, plugins, and even emotes to further enhance their streaming experience. Streamers can also easily drag and drop preferred applications via the Loupedeck Marketplace, for endless customizability. Popular plugins include Spotify, Phillips Hue, Adobe Photoshop, and even Voicemod which can help streamline creative processes. Additionally, Loupedeck’s full suite software also provides users with access to native profiles that are preset for convenience and inspiration. Each comprehensive set of profiles contains premade macros and functions that can be easily interchanged to suit the user’s needs, further enhancing the Stream Controller X’s customizability.


Equipped with customizable icons for easy visual navigation, the Stream Controller X allows streamers to create matching themes or moving GIF icons with their favorite characters for a more personalized touch. It is designed for efficient multi-tasking, enabling streamers to easily switch between multiple profiles and build a folder system that ensures organization during streams and daily workflows. Each button can be programmed as multi-link macro functions to automate synchronized processes, increasing productivity and streamlining daily tasks. With creative customizations, users can quickly take screenshots or record on stream, making it easier to share their highlights with their audiences.

The Stream Controller X also utilizes a detachable 50° anti-slip magnetic stand, ensuring a comfortable viewing angle and keeping the controller stationary during long and intense gaming or streaming sessions. It is available now for $149.99


  • System requirements:

    • Windows 10 system (and later)

    • macOS X 10.14 (and later)

    •  Loupedeck software

    •  Size: 111 x 80.7 x 30mm

    •  Weight: 146g (Stream Controller X only), Angle Stand is 177g

    •  Interface: 15 Switchblade Buttons

    • Connectivity: 2-meter USB-A to USB-C cable

    • Screen Angle: 8 degrees (Stream Controller X only), 50 degrees (Including stand)


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