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Microsoft Stock at Second Highest in 6 Months Despite Always-on Rumours

Microsoft have taken a bashing over the last few weeks, partly because of their flat out refusal to discuss their next console and partly because of the actions of Adam Orth, the Microsoft creative director who took to Twitter in defense of an always online console. The top articles on sites like N4G and Reddit have almost¬†consistently¬†housed articles about why Microsoft are doing things wrong. Why, then, is their stock at almost the highest it’s been in six months?

Although the stock price rises and falls each and every day, a quick look at the six month figures for Microsoft shows that it’s not nearly been this strong since November last year. Microsoft news from the last 24 hours includes an update for Surface, the announcement that their Mediaroom Software will be usable on Erikkson phones and the fact that they’ve called out Google over “pushing” Youtube and Google Maps on Android users. If you’re not looking at the gaming side of things, Microsoft have had a very productive, arguably successful day.

Meanwhile, their gaming division continues to take knock after knock from fans after failure to confirm or deny whether the next Xbox will require always-on connection, and whether the rumour that it will cost $500 has any credence. 



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