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Growl Kickstarter Gaining Steam

In our new effort to bring the best Board Game news and reviews to our readers, we will be highlighting a few Kickstarter campaigns that we are looking forward to, and ones that we have backed! Today, our staff backed a copy of Growl – delivery date December 2018 – and are looking forward to reviewing it on the website. What is Growl? Take a look below!


We are including a referral link in this article for our readers to back this project through. 1 referral will get us free shipping (up to $15) and 2 referals will get us a game to give away to our readers!

In a game of Growl, you will start the game as either a human or a werewolf. If you are a human, the goal of the game is to protect yourself and other humans from turning into werewolves. All humans win – even dead humans – if at least one human is living at the end of the game. On the opposite side, werewolves win if they get all humans to turn into werewolves.

On each players turn, they will draw a card from the deck and assign it to one of the players in the game. These could be bites, wounds, or other special items. 3 bites will turn you into a werewolf, and 3 wounds will turn you into a dead human.

There is a lot more to this game, as well as some great stretch goals, so head over to the Kickstarter page and back this project!


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