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Dynasty Warriors 8 Announced, Released July



Dynasty Warriors 8, the latest in the popular beat ’em up franchise, will be making its way westward later this year, with an EU release date of 19th July. Dynasty Warriors 8 boasts an unbelievable 70 playable characters, including several that have been ‘faceless’ up until now. More characters, more modes and a return of the what-if? scenarios that were sure a big part of the earlier Xtreme Legends packs are sure to make this a must-play for fans. Since Dynasty Warriors 4, fans have often been a little hesitant with the positive numbered games, so it’s nice to see Koei seem to be bucking that trend.

Released last month in Japan under the name Shin Sangoku Musou 7, it got very positive reviews from those that imported it. With both English and Japanese voices, as well 40 new locations (which the press release really does stress are visually stunning), perhaps this will be the best Dynasty Warriors yet.


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