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Death Inc. Resurrected Despite Kickstarter Disappointment

Death Inc., the rather lovely looking strategy game from Ambient Studios, has managed to find life after Kickstarter. The innovative title from a developer consisting of the people behind LittleBigPlanet, Burnout and Fable failed to scrape together even half of the $300,000 they needed from the crowd funding site, but have announced today that the game will be released anyway. And the good news? If you pre-purchase, you’ll be able to play the alpha version of the game right now.

Although the full version of Death Inc. won’t be released until November this year, people who pre-purchase will be able to download the alpha immediately. Pre-purchase begins at $10, a saving over the $20 that you’ll have to pay at the end of the year. If you’re interested and want to support early, there doesn’t seem a downside to buying today. 

From the press release:

 “We were overwhelmed by the support we received during our recent Kickstarter campaign,” says Jonny Hopper, Director, Ambient Studios. “Despite the fact we didn’t reach our initial target,  we did raise support of over £122,000 – that’s a tremendous amount of support which has given us the confidence to push on.

 “Doing it ourselves has also given us the freedom to give more back to the community. Players who pre-purchase the game now will be able to join us on this incredible journey as Death Inc. helping us shape it into the game we know will be enjoyed by the world over. The tiered nature of Kickstarter meant it made sense for us to limit alpha access to players who pledged $40 or more; now everyone who supports us will get immediate access to the game through until the final version later this year.”

You can pre-purchase from the official Death Inc. website.



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