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Was Moby Dick’s Joakim CGI, made in Fox Engine?

The Phantom Pain interview with Geoff Keighley yesterday has got plenty of people talking. Unfortunately, the grand reveal turned out to be little more than a man in bandages (similar to the man in The Phantom Pain trailer we saw last year) saying that answers were coming. Nothing seemed to be revealed, or was it? The interview no doubt has some sort of purpose. This has let some to believe the man in bandages might be Cliffy B in disguise or maybe, according to the latest twist discussion of The Phantom Pain, Joakim was made in the Fox Engine. If this is an elaborate way of proving how life-like Konami’s latest engine’s output is, job well done.

This is the latest theory to come out of /v/, and although it’s hard to swallow at first, on rewatching the interview it almost becomes believable. Something about the way he moves, even the colour of his skin and the way light reflects off him. There’s also the fact that Geoff and Joakim aren’t seen at the same time. Although that’s not entirely uncommon, you’d think given the mystery around this title and around its lead developer, that Geoff would have tried to dismiss this sort of rumour unless he was in on it.

That’s not to say the Cliffy B thing isn’t also true, but it doesn’t quite add up for me. In photos, Cliffy’s eyebrows are finer than those visible in the interview. There’s almost certainly a resemblance.



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